Trust God Alone…


Do not put your trust in princes,

in mortal men who cannot save…”

Psalm 146:3

In the midst of our presidential election, it seems we have become caught up in thinking that one candidate or the other will solve all the problems for our country.  We think that if our candidate doesn’t win in November, our hope is lost.  No matter how our outward circumstances look, we should never look to a leader (man) as our ‘savior.’  Trust in God alone.  He is the only SAVIOR your life (and our country) will ever need.  Turn to Him and He will be your fortress and your rock.  He will also bring you peace and comfort, hope and joy.   He promises to be our “ever present help in times of trouble.” 

 Trust Him Alone!


About cb.cooksey

This blog was created from a desire to reach the internet community with a ministry of encouragement. I post as God directs and pray that the right people will land here and read His encouraging message of love and hope. If you are reading this, I have prayed specifically for you, and I hope that God's words take root in your heart. Blessings to you!

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