Perfect Peace for the New Year


You Will Keep in

Perfect Peace


Who Trust in You,


Whose Thoughts are Fixed on You!

Isaiah 26:3


The thought of  “Perfect Peace” is so appealing to me.  I want Perfect Peace in my life…Not just plain peace…PERFECT peace!  I long for that feeling daily.  This verse tells me exactly how I can continually stay in the state of blissful contentment.  There are two simple steps that I must remember.  In fact, I plan to use them as my New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Trust God completely.

2 Fix my thoughts upon Him.

Why is it that I allow doubts to shadow my trust in Him?  Why do I allow my thoughts to run in every direction except toward the One who knows my whole story and has my very best interest in mind?  I pray that the year of 2009 will be one of Perfect Peace for me.  Whatever events may be happening in my life, I will focus on the Prince of Peace and trust Him to lead me in the path of His light and to flood my soul with flawless serenity.  I pray that others will join me in this simple plan for perfect peace.



About cb.cooksey

This blog was created from a desire to reach the internet community with a ministry of encouragement. I post as God directs and pray that the right people will land here and read His encouraging message of love and hope. If you are reading this, I have prayed specifically for you, and I hope that God's words take root in your heart. Blessings to you!

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  1. Hi Sweet Friend,

    Praying that you will find God’s peace as you seek Him. He promises to be there for you. I love that!

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me!


    • Hey Leslie,
      Thanks for being my first visitor. I haven’t told anyone else about this site, yet. You are my inspiration!

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