How to Be Profitable and Productive in Life


I, Wisdom, will make

the hours of your day more profitable

and the years of your life more fruitful.

Proverbs 9:11


When I was growing up, I had a pet hamster named “Charlie Brown.” I loved to watch him run on his treadmill. The big circular wheel would spin round and round as he ran, allowing him to “exercise,” but he remained in the exact same place.

Lately I feel like I’m on a giant hamster wheel in life. I run and run throughout my days, but I never seem to get anywhere or accomplish what is important. These are the “sights” I see as I’m running along on my treadmill: Wake up, Do laundry, Cook, Clean, Work, Chauffer, Appointments, Practices, Cook, Go to Bed…Repeat. At the end of the day, I sometimes wonder if I ever came up for air.

I want my days to have purpose, and I want my activities to be aligned with what God wants me to achieve in life. Perhaps these are the very activities He wants me to be doing at this time, but I desire to make the minutes of each day count for eternity. It is easy to slip into auto-pilot and thoughtlessly speed through the days.

I have found that if I take time each morning to meet with my Heavenly Father, I am better able to align my agenda with His plan for my day. He promises that His wisdom will make the hours of my day more productive and the years of my life more fruitful. I know that when I begin the day like this, I feel a greater sense of accomplishment when I finally lay my head upon my pillow for the night. If I know the hours of my days have an eternal impact, I feel fulfilled in my soul. When my heart is in tune with God’s will, He makes those hours profitable and fruitful. To me there’s no greater sense of worth than this!

Take time today to step off your treadmill, and ask the Lord to direct your steps. The impact will be eternal!

A person’s steps are directed by the LORD.
   How then can anyone understand

their own way?

                                                                                Proverbs 20:24 NIV 2010


(clip art credits:   free google download)

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