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Let Your Light Shine

"Let Your Light Shine" by cbcooksey

When someone has been given much,

Much will be required

in return;

And when someone has been entrusted with much,

Even more will be required.

Great gifts mean

Great responsibilities;

Greater Gifts,

Greater Responsibilities!

Luke 12:48


The Bible tells us that we are each uniquely equipped with gifts and talents.  These abilities are placed within us in order to fulfill God’s purposes for our lives.  Can you think of the capabilities that you possess and see them through the lens of God’s vision?  If we listen to God’s prompting, He will direct us in exactly the way He desires us to use our gifts.  The more we are blessed by Him, the more He requires of us.  The beauty of this is that the more we are obedient, the more His blessings will flow to us.  How have you used your gifts and talents for God’s glory lately?