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Something Special



“…God not only loves you very much

But also has put His hand on you

For something special.”

1 Thessalonians 1:4 (MSG)


God loves you unconditionally. No matter where you go or what you have done in your life, you can never escape God’s love. He knew you as you were formed in your mother’s womb, and He’s been watching you grow and develop since your birth. He knows you by name, and His eyes are continually upon you. As a unique workmanship of the Master Craftsman, you are His treasured possession.

Like an open book, the stages of your life are spread out before God. He designed you especially for a certain mission. You are gifted with a specific set of skills and abilities, and you are part of God’s ongoing work in the world. Before the beginning of time, He knew His special plans for you, and He placed you exactly where you are for a reason. He wants to use your gifts and talents in an extraordinary way.

Not only does God love you very much, but He also has His hand upon you for something special…

Ask Him to reveal your one-of-a-kind assignment.

Go For It!



Go For It!


This image inspires me. It motivates me and urges me to just “Go for it!” It makes me think about chasing my passions with unhindered enthusiasm and belief in myself. There are those of us who dream, and there are those of us who follow our dreams. The distinction between the two categories is enormous. I could sit around all my life and imagine what it would be like if I were truly pursing those “wildest dream” interests imbedded deep within my soul, but without action I would never achieve anything. In order to fulfill my aspirations, I must capture a vision of my goals and leap forward in unbridled pursuit. I must unleash myself from self-doubt, worry, excuses, fear, what-if’s and negativism, while allowing myself to jump off the platform of my sure-footing toward the direction of realizing my full potential.


Let this photograph be a motivational scene for you, as well. Is there anything that has always been in your heart that you know you were created to do? Have you defined your true purpose in life?  What action do you need to take to leap in the direction of your passion? Set goals for yourself and visualize your new future. Launch forward in pursuit of your dreams!